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United States, workshops are accredited by the California Board of Registered Nursing, the California Association of Midwives (CAM) and Doulas of North America (DONA)
Netherlands, workshops are accredited by the Vereniging voor Nederlandse Reflexone Therapeuten, the Nederlandse Cranio Sacraal Vereniging (NCSV), de Vereniging Haptonomische Zwangerschapsbegeleiders, en de Koninklijke Organisatie van Verloskundigen (KNOV) en het Nederlandse Register voor Osteopathie: NRO
Slovenia, workshops are accredited by the Slovenian Nurses and Midwives Association
Belgium, workshops are accredited by the Federale Raad voor Vroedvrouwen,  Cranio-Sacraal Therapie Vlaanderen (ICSA), Lactatiedeskundigen (CERPS), de Beroeps Vereniging voor Vlaamse Osteopaten (GNRPO), en het opleidingsproject FOD volksgezondheid België

2017 Talks, Lectures & Workshops


March 31, Zoetermeer, the Netherlands
Weleda Belevingsdag
Op 31 maart geef ik tijdens de Weleda Belevingsdag, speciaal voor kraamzorg, een lezing over pre- en postnatale imprint en trauma, en hoe je als kraamzorg hierop kunt inspelen. Ook leer je tijdens deze dag Weleda en haar producten kennen en krijg je een rondleiding door de biodynamische tuin.
Wat: Belevingsdag
Waar: Weleda, Zoetermeer
Wanneer: 10.00 – 13.00 uur of van 14.00 – 17.00 uur

September 1-3, São Paulo, Brazil
Teaching ANEP September Module “Psychohistory”
How prenatal life impacts societies around the world

September 7-10, São Paulo, Brazil
Simpósio Internacional de Assistência ao Parto

September 11-24, Abadiania, Brazil (more details to follow!)
From Womb to World, the Journey that Shapes our Life
Understanding the long-term effects of our own conception, prenatal period, and birth experience and how these early imprints can influence our lives

For more information about Pre and Perinatal Imprints with Portuguese subtitles please watch
Para obter mais informações sobre impressões pré e perinatais com legendas em português, assista

September 29, Zoetermeer, the Netherlands
Weleda Belevingsdag

October 5 & 6, San Diego, California
Two doula evening talks & private consultations at The Birth Education Center of San Diego
Location: 9845 Erma Road #202, San Diego, CA 92131
To schedule a consultation or sign up for one of the doula evenings please contact Care Messer at

October 15, Oslo, Norway
All-day workshop for birth professionals, doulas, birth related bodyworkers, prenatal educators, therapists and (future) parents
“From Womb To World, the Journey that Shapes our Life”           
Understanding the long term effects of the conception, nine months in the womb and birth experience, how this might still affect us today physically, emotionally and psychologically and how to support human potential from before conception through birth. Guaranteed to give you tremendous insights on a very personal level and teach you how to use this important information in your professional practice
Location: Kirkegata 1-3, Norsk Taijisenter, 0153 Oslo
Organizer: Doulaskolen, Gry Aksnes
More information & registration: or 958 70 103 or 481 92 747 and/or or 480 28 007

October 18 & 19, Hasselt, Belgium
Twee lezingen op de Pre-Trefdag bijscholing over ‘Hechting’‘hechting’-cc-hasselt

Keynote op de Trefdag voor de VBOV (Vlaamse Beroepsorganisatie Vroedvrouwen)
For more information:

October 21, Heerlen, Limburg
Hoe Conceptie, Zwangerschap en de Geboorte ons leven beïnvloedt
Verloskundepraktijk Natuurlijk bij Jeanny
Kapelaan Berixstraat 10, 6411ER Heerlen
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October 24, omgeving Utrecht, the Netherlands
De beloofde Verdiepings Dag voor FamilieFocus (meer details volgen!)

October 26 – November 7, Copenhagen, Denmark 
Evening talk, all-day lectures and a Mother-Daughter workshop
Also offering private consultations in Copenhagen                                                            Information:
Sponsored by YOJO
Contact person for workshops & consultations: or call 28 11 38 77

November 15, the Netherlands 
Studiedag voor VHZB (vereniging haptonomische zwangerschapsbegeleiders)

November 17-19, Castricum, the Netherlands
3-day psoas workshop with Liz Koch
“Stalking The Wild Psoas & Womb to World”

From Womb to World, the Journey that Shapes our Life: Understand the long-term effects of our own conception, nine months in the womb, and birth experience. Discover how this experience might still affect each of us today physically, emotionally, and psychologically. Learn to support human potential from before conception throughout birth and beyond.

Exploring the Somatic Dynamics of Birth as it Plays Out in Our Own Core Expression: Our personal and cultural story is always held and expressed within our Psoas. It is possible to listen deeply into our own or another person’s internal process of unfolding. Doing so offers us insight into unspoken levels of anguish we or another person may be consciously or unconsciously experiencing.  Prenatal imprints are on an embryological level playing out on a cellular, organ, and tissue level as primordial expressions of our life attitudes and desires. This workshop explores the Psoas and core expression through simple movement evoking fluid movement and sound (within an atmosphere of play) for the soul purpose of reawakening and revitalizing our primal core. The explorations offer a way of igniting a primal awakening that stirs our life’s passion from within our belly core.

Workshop Location: Yoga2go in Castricum
Registration & more info:

November 25, The Netherlands (meer details volgen!)
De beloofde Verdiepings Dag voor FamilieFocus


2018 Talks, Lectures & Workshops

January 25-30, Westport, Connecticut
Maternal-Child Health Educator for prenatal Yoga Instructor Teacher Training (level 1) with Gina Norman and Heather Strauch
Contact or 203-532-0660